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The End of Death Vol I with Nouk & Coreen

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Nouk Sanchez, author of the Bestseller, The End of Death; The Deeper Teachings of A Course in Miracles, and her colleague Coreen Walson are joining forces to present an indepth study and application of the principles contained in this ground breaking text. Death is not the natural and inevitable outcome of life as the world believes. As Jesus Christ proclaimed, death is the "last enemy to be destroyed,” not something that we must succumb to. He told us that he came to bring us life, and life more abundantly! The time to overturn this universal belief that death is both natural and necessary is upon us. Sin, sickness, and disease have already been reversed through our genuine acceptance of the Atonement, and because there is no hierarchy of illusions, we must be willing to include death as only a belief to be undone. 

This book is filled with supportive quotes from A Course in Miracles, along with diagrams and explanations that reveal to us step-by-step just why death in merely a belief that will be dispelled as we better understand that Life is the law of our being, and that this Life is eternal and protected by God's Loving Will. NOTE: Included with this book: Powerful additional support in the form of diagrams, exercises, prayers and guided audio meditations downloadable from

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Please join us each Sunday in this profound journey to undo the ego's greatest false idol, death. Nouk and Coreen can't wait to get started! Enroll in our online Academy platform first. By donation. Recordings available for those who cannot make it “live.” 


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