Total Transformation Course w/Bob & Mary #092023

by donation


Starts September 12, 2023

6:00 pm (18:00) MDT (USA/Canada)

00:00 am Wednesdays UTC

Sessions Run from 90 minutes to two hours

Enrollment will close on 10/3/2023

Course Description

The Total Transformation Course is an awesome year-long journey with mighty companions! We dive into the deeper teachings of ACIM and the End of Death. Videos, audios, blogs, illuminating Homework, and the key ingredient: sharing/Joining in holy relationship with each other. Life-transforming!

The value of this Take Me to Truth family and the TTC continues to amaze us.

Most of all, it is a safe place for you, the holy Child who is dreaming, to go through the Awakening process from ego to Christ mind. A place where ego can have its tantrums as it dissolves in the Love that we Are as the Christ. 

In stormy times, we REMEMBER the Truth for each other until we are solid enough to hold it for ourselves no matter what distortion is seeming to occur in our minds.

In our innocent miscreation of the separate self, we chose to hide in guilt, fear and shame. In opening to each other, we undo that process and by Grace we remember we are One.

You are so very, very welcome Here as we learn together to embrace the Holy Instant and to live as the Presence of Love.

Hi, I'm Bob. Click on my image to learn more about me.

Hi, I'm Mary. Click on my image to learn more about me.

Class Fee Policy:

Everything that Take Me to Truth offers is given freely to all. There is a practical need to cover our operating costs and each facilitator is deeply grateful for your symbols of gratitude for their time in assisting in the assimilation of these teachings.  We ask that if you are able, please make a donation commensurate to the blessing you feel you receive from your participation in them.  No one is turned away because of their inability to donate.  

We welcome you to the TMTT family, whether you donate or not.